Weekly Notes: March 15-20, 2015

This week – travel:

  • Delivered 2 training sessions on the LEAN Contracting Process in Kelowna
  • Also carried out a Training Needs Analysis for the Sourcing staff in Kelowna
  • Finishing Part 1 of the Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning course
  • Trying to find a better way to create videos for the Strategic Sourcing Workbook  e-learning course
  • Started work on Part 2 of the Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning course
  • Sorting Training Needs Analysis interview findings
  • Supporting Sourcing Tracker

Weekly Notes: March 9-13, 2015

This week:

  • Coaching a new approach to learning – how to get buy-in for best practices – the CCAF model
  • Supporting Sourcing Tracker
  • Developing an L&D strategy
  • Developing an L&D mission statement
  • Working on Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning
  • Working on LEAN Contract Implementation e-learning
  • Discussing the involvement of L&D in e-procurement project (Coupa)