Weekly Notes – June 22-26, 2015

This week:

  • Strategic Sourcing Workbook training – revising the PowerPoint slides to include self-evaluation (see transformative learning model meets experiential learning!)
  • Exploring ideas for a learning wrapper for Coupa training materials/courses
    • Watch – Video
    • Think – Quiz
    • Explore – Additional information
    • Discuss – Forum
  • Identifying job groups for Coupa training plan

Weekly Notes: June 8-19, 2015

These past two weeks I’ve:

  • Attended a course on delegating deliberately
  • Gave presentations on Adult Learning and the ADDIE model
  • Delivered training on Strategic Sourcing Workbook
  • Attended the CSTD Conference

Next week:

  • Further training on the Strategic Sourcing Workbook
  • Scoping out Coupa training plan
  • Attending a leadership day

Weekly Notes: June 1-5, 2015

This week:

  • Delivered a training course called Bridging the Communication Divide
  • Learnt more about experiential learning
  • Learnt more about the 9 box model (before, during, after training x manager, trainer, participant) – priority for success 1. after and manager 2. before and manager 3. during and manager 4. before and trainer 5. during and participant
  • Learnt more about systems theory – top, middle, bottom, and customer
  • Changed Contract Implementation Process to Product Implementation Process
  • Talked about instructional design styles and learning theory – Constructivism

Next week’s goals:

  • Implement training plan for Product Implementation Process
  • Give talk about Priniciples of Adult Learning and ADDIE
  • Attend the CSTD conference
  • Attend Delegating Deliberately workshop