Weekly Notes: September 8-11, 2015

This week:

  • Attended/participated (attendees or participants – shouldn’t all learners be participants in training sessions rather than attendees?) in Project Management training course – the course was an excellent example of how to experiential learning ( 3 rounds building on knowledge after each round)
  • Met with SME on vendor enablement and Master Data management for e-Procurement system
  • Carried out a presentation for orientation
  • Attended (did not participate!) in webinar on trainer’s handbook (some interesting active learning activities to try out)
  • Got quotes for Turning Technologies keypads – finally ordered them on Friday (initially faxed then emailed (after scanning form))
  • Discussed the development of e-learning modules for compliance training for IT
  • Wrote 1st draft of Sourcing training plan for e-Procurement system
  • Wrote 1st draft of System Administration training plan for e-Procurement system

Next week:

  • Finish 1st drafts for Vendor Enablement and Master Data Management training plans
  • Finalize implementation training
  • Organize content for second issue of the Owl
  • Work on learning wrapper for Standardization e-learning modules



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