Weekly Notes: October 27-30, 2015

Limited time in the office this week. Been on a leadership course. Working through the materials still.

Accomplishments and half-started ideas this week:

  • Started the storyboarding process for the P2P process
  • Supported new staff onboarding to Sourcing Tracker
  • Investigated videographers
  • Worked on PerformanceLink
  • Completed/reconciled expenses

Hopefully next week will be more productive!

Weekly Notes: September 29 – October 2, 2015

This week has been fairly productive:

  • Finished training plans for 5 work streams for e-Procurement system
  • Finished Privileged Access e-learning course for Tech Services
  • Updated SOP e-learning modules with 3416 Audit changes
  • Populated Sourcing Tracker with L&D projects
  • Reviewed content for issue 2 of the Owl
  • Started prototyping PIC e-learning modules
  • Started planning for Strategic Sourcing Process training