Weekly Notes: April 11-15, 2016

This week:

  • Briefing Note training
  • Performance review
  • Discovery process e-learning complete
  • Monograms for RFP and Discovery
  • Arranged Insurance Fundamantals and Risk training

Myth-busting: L&D doesn’t always mean delivering training courses

When I am asked about what I do for a living and I say that I work in Learning & Development, most people reply, “oh, delivering training courses.” 

Of course, Learning & Development is so much more than delivering training courses. Rather the role of a Learning & Development department is to focus on performance and identify performance gaps – check out the Learning and Performance Institute for good examples – and not solely delivering the age old training course.

Perhaps this approach most clearly typified by Cathy Moore’s “Is training the answer?” flowchart.


These days a Learning & Development department has to ask the question “is training the answer?” If you don’t ask this question, you won’t necessarily be delivering what you should be delivering as a L&D department, and that is value.