Weekly Notes – May 8-12, 2017

This week:

  • Designing e-learning template for RFx templates
  • Finalizing script for Elements of a Contract explainer video
  • PC Workshop
  • Follow-up invite for PC cohort participants
  • Reviewing Privacy and Confidentiality e-learning course design
  • Creating a plan for Buyer Community of Practice

Weekly Notes: March 26-31, 2017

This week:

  • Traveled to Victoria, BC to deliver Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshop
  • Did prep work for next week’s Sourcing Tracker Workshop
  • Wrote an email clarifying the purpose of the Sourcing Tracker Workshop
  • Met with a consultant to discuss developing Privacy and Confidentiality e-learning course
  • Cancelled flight to Kelowna to deliver Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshop
  • Arrange additional Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshops for April
  • Reviewed script for explainer video on weighing RFP proposals
  • Arranged MIM WebApp training for next Monday
  • Wrote several blog posts advertising upcoming training sessions
  • Wrote rationale for developing course/materials on sourcing errors
  • Delivered Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshop in Willingdon

Weekly Notes: November 14-18, 2016

This week:

  • Reviewed outline for PC Workshop
  • Presented concept of PC Workshop to managers/team leads
  • Wrote blog post on ORMIS
  • Arranged voiceover field trip to VPL
  • Distributed cohort list to managers/team leads
  • Arranged BN training sessions
  • Finalized scripts for voiceover work
  • Developed RFP training course
  • Updated e-learning courses
  • Developed hotspot and layer interaction for e-learning course


Weekly Notes: January 18-29, 2016

I missed last Friday’s weekly notes because I was sick, so I’m include them here:

  • Testing out video hardware, software, space, lighting, audio etc…
  • Recording audio for different videos
  • Delivered SSW training
  • Developed screencast video for CR 
  • Completed Coaching Out of the Box
  • Finalizing e-learning for RFP
  • Created P2P e-learning course (need to upload video)
  • Finalized course calendar for 2016 (classroom only)

Next week:

  • More video
  • More RFP
  • Drop-in clinic for Sourcing Tracker

Weekly Notes: November 30 – December 4, 2015

This week has been heavy on e-learning:

  • Editing audio for PIC e-learning videos (using Audacity)
  • Creating storyboards and prototypes for RFP process e-learning
  • Setting up Contracting and Implementation Process classroom training sessions
  • Helped scriptwriting the P2P Perfect PO explainer video
  • Delievered QA presentation for New Employee Orientation

Next week:

  • Delivering training on the Contracting process

Weekly Notes: March 9-13, 2015

This week:

  • Coaching a new approach to learning – how to get buy-in for best practices – the CCAF model
  • Supporting Sourcing Tracker
  • Developing an L&D strategy
  • Developing an L&D mission statement
  • Working on Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning
  • Working on LEAN Contract Implementation e-learning
  • Discussing the involvement of L&D in e-procurement project (Coupa)