Weekly Notes: April 4-8, 2016

This week:

  • Analyzing and writing a script for resolving Match Exceptions video
  • Training needs analysis for the Consultant Engagement Process
  • Revising script for Consultant Engagement Process
  • Creating training materials for Risk, Insurance Fundamentals, and Certificates of Insurance courses
  • Creating a training plan for Consultant Engagement Process
  • Set up Implementation training session
  • Ran a Sourcing Tracker for Buyers session for PG – via Adobe Connect
  • Set up training sessions for Contract Registry training
  • Transitioning Onboarding work to new L&D manager
  • Wrote testimonial for consultant
  • Updated PerformanceLink
  • Set up PerformanceLink invitations to team members
  • Scheduling Strategic Sourcing Process classroom training sessions – get sponsorship
  • Finished Discovery Overview module for e-learning

Next week:

  • Briefing Note training
  • Discovery e-learning
  • Organize training sessions for Risk and Insurance Fundamentals

Weekly Notes: November 30 – December 4, 2015

This week has been heavy on e-learning:

  • Editing audio for PIC e-learning videos (using Audacity)
  • Creating storyboards and prototypes for RFP process e-learning
  • Setting up Contracting and Implementation Process classroom training sessions
  • Helped scriptwriting the P2P Perfect PO explainer video
  • Delievered QA presentation for New Employee Orientation

Next week:

  • Delivering training on the Contracting process

Weekly Notes: April 13-17, 2015

This week I’ve been mostly tying up loose ends and setting up new initiatives:

  • Delivered training on the LEAN Contracting Process
  • Finalized the LEAN Contract Implementation Process e-learning – the course went live
  • Still arranging classroom training for the Strategic Sourcing Tracker
  • Attended webinars on microlearning and storytelling
  • Updated PerformanceLink


Weekly Notes: March 15-20, 2015

This week – travel:

  • Delivered 2 training sessions on the LEAN Contracting Process in Kelowna
  • Also carried out a Training Needs Analysis for the Sourcing staff in Kelowna
  • Finishing Part 1 of the Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning course
  • Trying to find a better way to create videos for the Strategic Sourcing Workbook  e-learning course
  • Started work on Part 2 of the Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning course
  • Sorting Training Needs Analysis interview findings
  • Supporting Sourcing Tracker

Weekly Notes: January 19-23, 2015

This week I’ve been completing work, working on work, planning work:

  • E-learning for LEAN Contracting Process has gone live
  • Working on communication for LEAN Contracting Process training
  • Developing materials for LEAN Contracting Process classroom sessions
  • Capturing training requirements for this and the following year
  • Working on Learning Analytics for SOP training

Weekly Notes: January 5-9, 2015

This week business has returned to normal. Here is what I’ve been up to:

  • Part of the dicussions on developing Purchasing Clerks into Buyers. What skills they need, what courses they need to take.
  • I’ve restarted work on the Strategic Sourcing Workbook Redesign. I’m still in the analysis phase.
  • I registered team members to review the LEAN Contracting Process e-learning course – lots of feedback.
  • Contacted the Contracts Department to review the LEAN Contracting Process and provide feedback.
  • Started work on the instructional plan for the classroom part of the LEAN Contracting Process training.
  • Developed a project plan for the LEAN Contracting Process training.
  • Ran two training sessions on Sourcing Tracker.
  • Troubleshooting Sourcing Tracker issues.
  • Attended EDI Catalog Update training for Managers/Leads.
  • Arranged EDI Catalog Update training for Buyers for next week.
  • Cancelled Lync training for next week.