Weekly Notes: June 6 -10, 2016

This week:

  • Onboarding presentations
  • Arranging Risk and Insurance Fundamentals training sessions
  • Training plans for SCIP cohorts
  • Creating a template for Sourcing Tracker
  • Match Exception voiceover
  • Created Program Monogram for Risk, Insurance Fundamentals, and Certificates of Insurance
  • Create Training/Competencies document
  • Wrote 3 blog posts
  • Contact HR about job posting
  • Reviewed applicants
  • Set up interviews/meetings
  • Creating Contract Registry e-learning

Weekly Notes: April 4-8, 2016

This week:

  • Analyzing and writing a script for resolving Match Exceptions video
  • Training needs analysis for the Consultant Engagement Process
  • Revising script for Consultant Engagement Process
  • Creating training materials for Risk, Insurance Fundamentals, and Certificates of Insurance courses
  • Creating a training plan for Consultant Engagement Process
  • Set up Implementation training session
  • Ran a Sourcing Tracker for Buyers session for PG – via Adobe Connect
  • Set up training sessions for Contract Registry training
  • Transitioning Onboarding work to new L&D manager
  • Wrote testimonial for consultant
  • Updated PerformanceLink
  • Set up PerformanceLink invitations to team members
  • Scheduling Strategic Sourcing Process classroom training sessions – get sponsorship
  • Finished Discovery Overview module for e-learning

Next week:

  • Briefing Note training
  • Discovery e-learning
  • Organize training sessions for Risk and Insurance Fundamentals

Weekly Notes: September 14-18

This week:

  • Chasing Turning Technologies and FedEx for the keypad devices that we ordered (hoping to use them on Monday, September 21, for leaders workshop)
  • Writing up 1st drafts of training plans for e-Procurement system
  • Running reports in LearningHub for new spreadsheet on training attendance
  • Attended Briefing Note training pilot
  • Started work on Standardization PIC e-learning
  • Started work on Privilege Access e-learning for Tech Services

Weekly Notes: November 3-7, 2014

This week has been a week of big projects:

  • Revisions to all 48 SOP modules to make the learning objectives more clearer
  • Create quizzes for all 4 SOP courses
  • UAT testing and creating job aids for Sourcing Tracker
  • Figuring out the training logistics for Sourcing Tracker (how many sessions for Sourcing Managers/Leads, how many sessions for Buyers (and where the sessions should take place)
  • Reviewing the Skills Assessment questionnaires

Weekly Notes: October 20-24, 2014

This week has been a mixed bag:

  • Brainstorming evaluation strategies for SOP E-Learning courses
  • Created an evaluation questionnaire for SOP E-Learning courses
  • Created a support document for Team Leads/Managers to facilitate transfer of learning for SOP E-Learning courses
  • Updated SOP E-Learning courses based on feedback
  • Ran an organizing your e-mail session
  • Devised a new training plan for Sourcing Tracker
  • Attended kick-off meeting for Sole Source Process improvements
  • Created Ebola quick-references for In-Hospital Replenishment – What You Need To Know and What You Need To Do

Need to Do_v4 Need to Know_v4

Need to Do_v4

  • Oh, and I got Articulate Storyline installed!

Weekly Notes: October 6 – October 10, 2014

This week has been about transitioning between the summer projects and the autumn/winter projects:

  • Finalizing the IHA/NHA Meditech SOPs e-learning course.
  • Finalizing the PHSA PeopleSoft SOPs e-learning course.
  • Developing evaluationĀ materials for the e-learning SOPs courses.
  • Attended workshop on Implementation of Contracts.
  • Amended Implementation of Contracts training materials.
  • Developing training plan for Sourcing Tracker.
  • Creating draft training materials for LEAN Procurement Process and Introduction to Competitive Bidding.
  • Arranged Lync training meeting to discuss content/delivery.
  • Explored UBC DIY Media site for training ideas.
  • Explored VideoScribe site for creation of explanation videos.