Weekly Notes: October 17-21, 2016

This week:

  • Reviewed Risk and Insurance Fundamentals videos
  • Updated Discovery e-learning materials (annotated documents)
  • Created two screencast videos for Evaluation Workbook
  • Developed a 1st draft of a POP document for Buyers
  • Updated BCCSS Credit Reference List
  • Set-up podcast meeting for RFP process
  • Researched developing a podcast (Soundcloud?)

Weekly Notes: January 18-29, 2016

I missed last Friday’s weekly notes because I was sick, so I’m include them here:

  • Testing out video hardware, software, space, lighting, audio etc…
  • Recording audio for different videos
  • Delivered SSW training
  • Developed screencast video for CR 
  • Completed Coaching Out of the Box
  • Finalizing e-learning for RFP
  • Created P2P e-learning course (need to upload video)
  • Finalized course calendar for 2016 (classroom only)

Next week:

  • More video
  • More RFP
  • Drop-in clinic for Sourcing Tracker