Weekly Notes: April 3-7, 2017

This week:

  • Delivering workshop on MIM WebApp
  • Recording audio for explainer video
  • Revising explainer video script on elements of a contract
  • Delivering workshop on Performance Management
  • Feedback loop for BN course – mentoring option discussed
  • Delivering workshop on Sourcing Tracker

Weekly Notes: March 26-31, 2017

This week:

  • Traveled to Victoria, BC to deliver Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshop
  • Did prep work for next week’s Sourcing Tracker Workshop
  • Wrote an email clarifying the purpose of the Sourcing Tracker Workshop
  • Met with a consultant to discuss developing Privacy and Confidentiality e-learning course
  • Cancelled flight to Kelowna to deliver Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshop
  • Arrange additional Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshops for April
  • Reviewed script for explainer video on weighing RFP proposals
  • Arranged MIM WebApp training for next Monday
  • Wrote several blog posts advertising upcoming training sessions
  • Wrote rationale for developing course/materials on sourcing errors
  • Delivered Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review workshop in Willingdon

Weekly Notes: November 14-18, 2016

This week:

  • Reviewed outline for PC Workshop
  • Presented concept of PC Workshop to managers/team leads
  • Wrote blog post on ORMIS
  • Arranged voiceover field trip to VPL
  • Distributed cohort list to managers/team leads
  • Arranged BN training sessions
  • Finalized scripts for voiceover work
  • Developed RFP training course
  • Updated e-learning courses
  • Developed hotspot and layer interaction for e-learning course


Weekly Notes: June 6 -10, 2016

This week:

  • Onboarding presentations
  • Arranging Risk and Insurance Fundamentals training sessions
  • Training plans for SCIP cohorts
  • Creating a template for Sourcing Tracker
  • Match Exception voiceover
  • Created Program Monogram for Risk, Insurance Fundamentals, and Certificates of Insurance
  • Create Training/Competencies document
  • Wrote 3 blog posts
  • Contact HR about job posting
  • Reviewed applicants
  • Set up interviews/meetings
  • Creating Contract Registry e-learning

Weekly Notes: September 29 – October 2, 2015

This week has been fairly productive:

  • Finished training plans for 5 work streams for e-Procurement system
  • Finished Privileged Access e-learning course for Tech Services
  • Updated SOP e-learning modules with 3416 Audit changes
  • Populated Sourcing Tracker with L&D projects
  • Reviewed content for issue 2 of the Owl
  • Started prototyping PIC e-learning modules
  • Started planning for Strategic Sourcing Process training

Weekly Notes: September 14-18

This week:

  • Chasing Turning Technologies and FedEx for the keypad devices that we ordered (hoping to use them on Monday, September 21, for leaders workshop)
  • Writing up 1st drafts of training plans for e-Procurement system
  • Running reports in LearningHub for new spreadsheet on training attendance
  • Attended Briefing Note training pilot
  • Started work on Standardization PIC e-learning
  • Started work on Privilege Access e-learning for Tech Services