Weekly Notes: April 3-7, 2017

This week:

  • Delivering workshop on MIM WebApp
  • Recording audio for explainer video
  • Revising explainer video script on elements of a contract
  • Delivering workshop on Performance Management
  • Feedback loop for BN course – mentoring option discussed
  • Delivering workshop on Sourcing Tracker

Weekly Notes: April 4-8, 2016

This week:

  • Analyzing and writing a script for resolving Match Exceptions video
  • Training needs analysis for the Consultant Engagement Process
  • Revising script for Consultant Engagement Process
  • Creating training materials for Risk, Insurance Fundamentals, and Certificates of Insurance courses
  • Creating a training plan for Consultant Engagement Process
  • Set up Implementation training session
  • Ran a Sourcing Tracker for Buyers session for PG – via Adobe Connect
  • Set up training sessions for Contract Registry training
  • Transitioning Onboarding work to new L&D manager
  • Wrote testimonial for consultant
  • Updated PerformanceLink
  • Set up PerformanceLink invitations to team members
  • Scheduling Strategic Sourcing Process classroom training sessions – get sponsorship
  • Finished Discovery Overview module for e-learning

Next week:

  • Briefing Note training
  • Discovery e-learning
  • Organize training sessions for Risk and Insurance Fundamentals

Weekly Notes: February 22-26, 2016

This week, working on the To Do List:

  • Reviewing e-learning
  • Transforming a classroom course into a micro-learning video – Business Email Etiquette
  • Getting the consultant up and running with the Onboarding Manager/Peer Trainer materials/courses
  • Delivering Sourcing Tracker training for managers
  • Receiving/processing evaluations from Kelowna Briefing Note course
  • Arranging further Briefing Note training sessions
  • Arranging Contract Registry drop-in sessions

Next week:

  • Drop-in clinics
  • Orientation run throughs
  • Virtual classrooms

Weekly Notes: August 4-7, 2015

This week:

  • Interviewed candidates for the L&D Manager position
  • Delivered a presentation on the L&D team for an orientation in Victoria (must find a better way to do virtual meetings)
  • Worked on templates for Casual Pool e-learning
  • Figured out how to use states in Articulate Storyline
  • Finished presentation on building a training plan

Next week:

  • Development goals
  • Training analysis for Casual Pool
  • Meeting on incorporating Standardization training into portfolio of training
  • Change Management kick-off meeting for Coupa

Weekly Notes: July 27-31, 2015

This week I’ve been getting back into EdTech:

  • Learnt more about the improvements to Strategic Sourcing Workbook – thinking about how to create learning materials around the improvements (how will I train staff that already have taken the e-learning and classroom session)
  • Tried working on communication and collaboration learning conversations
  • Delivered a presentation on L&D for orientation – realized some people have never played Bingo before (must go over rules of Bingo prior to playing the game)
  • Tried to improve the videos for Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning (creating the videos in SnagIt). The audio was poor and SnagIt kept crashing. I’ve go to think about a better way – have requested Camtasia software (fingers crossed)
  • Did some editing of the L&D newspaper – The Owl – to be published next week
  • Reviewed some resumes for a L&D Manager position
  • Created template for Casual Pool e-learning course (played around with Articulate Storyline – need to do more with Buttons and states)
  • Started work on a presentation for building Training Plans (need to finish presentation and organize a date for training)
  • Created a project plan for Casual Pool training 
  • Finished a spreadsheet documenting all the evaluation feedback from the all courses that have run so far
  • Created a wishlist of all the software I would like to be used within the team (fingers crossed for VideoScribe, Camtasia, Storyline 2, InDesign, Photoshop, AdobeConnect, and Slack)

Next week, more of the same.

Weekly Notes: May 11-15, 2015

This week has been back-to-work after a 2 week vacation, so lots of things to catch up with:

  • Setting up weekly manager meeting
  • Attended Front Line Supervisory Skills workshop
  • Worked on working from home guidelines (as well as vacation guidelines)
  • Delivered a pilot classroom training session on the Strategic Sourcing Workbook (classroom and virtual classroom because of lack of available laptops)
  • Based on pilot for Strategic Sourcing Workbook revising training materials and course
  • Reviewed training materials for Contract Implementation course
  • Putting together project plans for Contract Implementation, RFP, and Coupa courses