Weekly Notes: July 27-31, 2015

This week I’ve been getting back into EdTech:

  • Learnt more about the improvements to Strategic Sourcing Workbook – thinking about how to create learning materials around the improvements (how will I train staff that already have taken the e-learning and classroom session)
  • Tried working on communication and collaboration learning conversations
  • Delivered a presentation on L&D for orientation – realized some people have never played Bingo before (must go over rules of Bingo prior to playing the game)
  • Tried to improve the videos for Strategic Sourcing Workbook e-learning (creating the videos in SnagIt). The audio was poor and SnagIt kept crashing. I’ve go to think about a better way – have requested Camtasia software (fingers crossed)
  • Did some editing of the L&D newspaper – The Owl – to be published next week
  • Reviewed some resumes for a L&D Manager position
  • Created template for Casual Pool e-learning course (played around with Articulate Storyline – need to do more with Buttons and states)
  • Started work on a presentation for building Training Plans (need to finish presentation and organize a date for training)
  • Created a project plan for Casual Pool training 
  • Finished a spreadsheet documenting all the evaluation feedback from the all courses that have run so far
  • Created a wishlist of all the software I would like to be used within the team (fingers crossed for VideoScribe, Camtasia, Storyline 2, InDesign, Photoshop, AdobeConnect, and Slack)

Next week, more of the same.

Weekly Notes: July 20-25, 2015

This week:

  • Talked about learning management systems (LMS) and how to transition from one to another (who owns what etc.)
  • Worked on some interface designs for an Excel spreadsheet (also explored PDF fillable forms)
  • Involved in a change management session for e-Procurement (Coupa) – lots of work coming up to develop training plans
  • Talked about taking on the education/training for Standardization
  • Created a new employee presentation about Learning and Development
  • Created a spreadsheet of the evaluation results from the different courses that have been delivered over the past year

Plans for next week:

  • Revise videos for SSW – audio and how they launch
  • Organize a follow up SSW clinic

Weekly Notes: July 6-10, 2015

This week:

  • Revising Product Implementation Process e-learning (making it more interactive and visual)
  • Analyzing project charter and Terms of Reference documents to condense and shorten length
  • Creating templates for Coupa e-learning, classroom, quick references, and microlearning videos
  • Investigating the cost of Turning technology – clicker

Next week:

  • Brainstorming additional content for L&D brochure
  • Travelling to Kelowna for Strategic Sourcing Workbook training

Weekly Notes: June 29-July 3, 2015

This week has been a quiet week because of Canada Day on Wednesday, however, I’ve been working on the following:

  • Strategic Sourcing Training – virtual classroom session with learner on the island (interesting because they couldn’t see my screen and I couldn’t see their screen)
  • Arranging future Strategic Sourcing Training
  • Working on a re-design of the SOP e-learning templates
  • Experimenting with learning wrappers
  • Developed a template for Coupa e-learning – A week in the life of … and learning wrapper for individual tasks
  • Analyzed the analysis for Coupa (i.e. the business documents that have been created so far)
  • Thinking about incorporating feedback loops into training for managers/leads, learners, and L&D
  • Worked on Action Plan/Checklist for managers/leads for Implementation training