Weekly Update: August 25-29th, 2014

This what I’ve been up to this week:

  • Presented the SOP elearning courses to the Leadership team.
  • Met with People Development Director to discuss coaching/mentoring, staff development. 
  • Developed a portfolio of daily/weekly tasks, competencies, and resources for different Purchasing Clerk desks on the floor.
  • Worked with the LearningHub Admin team to launch the VCH PeopleSoft SOP e-learning course.
  • Started to develop the IHA/NHA Meditech SOP e-learning course.
  • Received corporate credit card training.


Weekly Update: August 18-22, 2014

This is what this week has looked like:

  • Received feedback from LearningHub Admin team regarding FHA Meditech SOP elearning course.
  • Made changes to FHA Meditech SOP elearning course. They included a note about zoom increasing size of images at the start of each module, as well as a slide at the end of each module congratulating learner on completing the module.
  • I incorporated these changes into the VCH PeopleSoft SOP elearning course as well.
  • FHA Meditech SOP elearning course went live on Thursday.
  • Emailed team leads that FHA Meditech SOP elearning course is live and that staff should register for course.
  • Waiting on LearningHub Admin to finish testing of VCH PeopleSoft SOP elearning course.
  • Started on Add/Delete Process training video for Customer Service.
  • Started on IHA/NHA SOP elearning course.  

Weekly Update: August 11-15, 2014

This is what I’ve been up to this week:

  • Finalizing the modules for two elearning courses (VCH PeopleSoft SOPs and FHA Meditech SOPs).
  • Testing, testing, and testing some more the elearning modules, PDF job aids, and url links uploaded into Moodle LearningHub LMS.
  • Registering and completing the elearning courses.
  • Trying to figure out why the VCH PeopleSoft SOPs course doesn’t appear in my Learning History as completed although the modules show as complete.
  • Contacted the LearningHub Admin team to go-live with elearning courses and try to resolve the VCH PeopleSoft SOPs non-completion issue.
  • Started on the IHA/NHA SOPs elearning course materials.
  • Working with IBM to get Articulate Storyline installed (project due to be complete early September).

Weekly Update: August 5-8, 2014

This week I’ve done the following:

  • Created all the elearning modules in Articulate StoryLine for ERP/SOPs VCH PeopleSoft and FHA Meditech
  • Working with IBM to get Articulate StoryLine installed – still using a trial version.
  • Learning how to upload modules onto LearningHub.
  • Learning how to publish Articulate StoryLine modules for LearningHub.

Next week I’ll uploading all the ERP/SOPs modules onto LearningHub.

Weekly Update: July 28-Aug 1, 2014

This is what I’ve been up to this week:

  • Downloaded a trial copy of Articulate Storyline – still working on getting software installed on my laptop.
  • Downloaded Office 2013 suite.
  • Created Articulate Storyline files for VCH PeopleSoft.
  • Created Articulate Storyline files for FHA Meditech.
  • Have a shell of e-learning course on LearningHub (LMS).
  • Arranged meeting with LearningHub team on Thursday next week.
  • Ran Coaching/New Hire orientation session.
  • Handed out New Hire Checklist to new staff.
  • Updated PerformanceLink.
  • Used Nicole Legault’s ADDIE model (see below) for PerformanceLink.